ICR products for card printers

ICE offers the European Card Industry a large number of replacement products by its own brand Identity Card Ribbon (ICR).

Our own brand offers a number of special products that are not delivered by the OEM, e.g.:

  • monochrome ribbons in customised PMS colours
  • a transparent signature field
  • a grey ribbon with overlay for the printing of black and white photographs.

ICR products are qualitatively equal to or better than the specifications of the OEM.
ICR products are always delivered on a no cure, no pay basis.
For testing purposes, there are sample roles of each product available.
On average, you save around 25% by making use of ICR products.

Satisfaction guaranteed

ICR products can always be returned, taking the rules below into consideration:

– a written complaint regarding the product’s quality is supplied
– the complaint is submitted within a reasonable period after product delivery
– the ICR products have not been tailored to the customer’s demands
– the return shipment consists of more than 90% unused products.